Whisper it... TerminusDB 2.0 is Coming

Now in Canary Release

‘There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen’

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

And then there is TerminusDB where every week feels like a decade!

TerminusDB 2.0 Canary Release

Breaking with the fashion for lots of minor versions, we are smashing through to 2.0 after 1.0 last October and 1.1 in January. Too many software and database projects get stuck in the 0.18.7 minor version hell.

Yesterday was the Canary Release of TerminusDB 2.0. A big day for us.

The core team’s work over the last number of months has been focused on the delivery of collaborative Git-like functionality for TerminusDB. We want to enable the types of CI/CD used extensively in software engineering to be used with data. TerminusDB 2.0 will allow for the whole suite of revision control features: branch, merge, squash, rollback, blame, and time-travel. Want to reorganize the structure of the database without breaking all the applications which are using it? Branch first, make sure it works, then you can rebase master in confidence.

Time travel in action:

This is the first step towards TerminusHub linking TerminusDBs and allowing users to seamlessly collaborate on complex data. Want to share the data you are working on? Just push it to the Hub, have your buddy clone the DB and pull it down to her local machine.

Like Git, but for data.

Lots of things in the Canary Release will not work as well as we would like. There are many rough edges and a few rough centers. Let us know!

This release is for Terminators - so come join our Discord Server.

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Terminators first, always.

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Hacker News

TerminusDB featured on Hacker News! A solid history of the project and great questions from the community.

Separately on HN, there was this interesting article demanding ‘Decentralized Version Control for Structured Data’. Which was great as that’s what TerminusHub is all about.

Product Videos

We have started using this cool tool called Vyond to make videos. Really for the product folk to make sure they can see the idea of what we are building at this point in time.

Here is the first one: ‘Nathan Gets A Spreadsheet In The End'

We are getting better!


The quality of live coding and interview content is relentless.


Cheuk (TerminusDB Avocado)

Secondary mention to the great YouTube videos featuring all of the team

What’s Up?

Lots of Animal Crossing around our way and a little bit of CIV6

We’ve also invested a fair bit of time investigating collaboration tools. Our remote work stack is now:

  • Discord as a virtual office (voice channels are great for drop-in meeting and pair programming areas)

  • Zoom for external calls

  • Milanote for kanbans, boards and internal organization

  • Notion as a wiki

  • Mural for workshops and live agenda meetings

Dmytri from the core team runs a weekly remote collaboration study group on Discord. Hit us up if you want to join. We’re always on the Community Server.

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Next Episode will be the full release of TerminusDB 2.0 and TerminusHub

Bring it on.