Launch: TerminusHub – The Distributed Data Revolution

In the age of data, TerminusHub is arming the rebels to fight back against the internet giants

Dublin, Ireland. TerminusDB today announced the launch of TerminusHub, a distributed data collaboration platform. Powerful versioned data collaboration is a radical departure in the way we manage our data. TerminusHub is dedicated to the democratization of data and empowering people to take back control from the internet giants. It is like GitHub, but for data.

With TerminusHub, you can clone all of Wikipedia to your local machine in less than 2 minutes - and then collaboratively integrate it with another data source to see the links and connections. This functionality is available without cost for all users - TerminusDB is open source now and forever.

The public has been demanding a better solution to collaborative data management for years. With TerminusHub, you can share, build and integrate databases with your team and the wider world. Your project can keep data synchronized and make the latest data accessible no matter where you are. In a suddenly remote world where data is the driver of decision making, TerminusHub is the new paradigm in public benefit data management.

Starting in Trinity College Dublin, TerminusHub is the culmination of 6 years of research and development. TerminusHub has the potential to be a European data management champion to rival the predatory US and Chinese alternatives. TerminusDB was first financed by a €4 million European Commission Horizon 2020 grant.

Kevin Feeney, CEO of TerminusDB, said: “We live in the age of data. Everywhere we look, big data rules our lives. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and the other internet giants have too much control, TerminusHub is arming the rebels with advanced data management tools - let's start the fightback”.

In the last 15 years, there has been a revolution in software engineering. For coders, the Git Revision control system changed everything. Distributed teams could collaborate on common code bases. But people who work with data didn’t have an easy and secure way to manage their pipelines and workflows. Until now.

TerminusHub is revolutionizing database collaboration and management.

8 September 2020


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