TerminusDB 4.2 - Encyclopaedia Galactica Release

'This one will take us to Titan'

Today we’re excited to announce the release of TerminusDB 4.2!

Based on the number of new features in this release, it could almost be a 5.0. We focus on the three big developments in the release blow: Optimize, Large Files with Tus, and Console.

Read all about the new release and why we called it Encyclopaedia Galactica.

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Gavin and Luke appeared on the MLOps Meetup and Podcast to talk about the 'Git for Data' landscape and why revision control for data is so important. Demetrios, the host, knows his MLOps.

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Terminators on Tech

Great content on our Twitch channel - Kitty talking about the new console and much more.

Also so really interesting TerminusDB Discussions - Gavin extolling the benefits of central planning for starters. 😀


We celebrated the Ancient Roman festival of Terminalia on 23 February. It was lit. We're going to have to do something much bigger next year. Watch your inbox for the invite.

AI Infrastructure Alliance

TerminusDB is a proud founding member of the AI Infrastructure Alliance! The 25 members of the Alliance represent some of the most cutting-edge companies in the world and together we're building the foundation for data-intensive apps of today and tomorrow.

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Feature of the Month: Model Building Tool

Data modelling is part of design - and visual tools help you do it well. The model building tool short circuits and democratizes data modelling.

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